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Job Details

Location of Job: Staten Island, NY
When: Jul 12, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: GE Oven Repair And Parts Replacement
call or text Call: (347) 983-6581
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Brief Explanation

What Were The Two Main Issues For This Oven?

We helped a local customer with a few problems which they were experiencing with their GE oven within the Staten Island area.

More specifically, they were having trouble with two portions of their oven in general: the unit's pilot light assembly along with the unit's overall control board.

It's often easy to overlook the many parts and pieces that help to keep an oven operational and consistently cooking.

Yet, as soon as one of these specialized processes is out of wack from its regular running alignment, many oven owners don't hesitate to do their best to get to their unit back up and cooking once again.

Once we came out to this customer's location, we conducted an extensive in-depth diagnostic as to what sort of current shape and condition that it was it.

After this was complete and we were able to properly determine the two main issues that this unit was experiencing, we then proceeded to get to work with repairing and replacing the specific parts and assemblies that needed to be addressed.

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Staten Island, NY
Client Testimonial
Our technician was prompt and very knowledgeable. He fixed our dryer in about 5 minutes. And that includes diagnosing the problem. I highly recommend TJ's!! ~ Erin Wade - Staten Island, NY

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1. What's The True Purpose Of An Oven Pilot Light?


For many older ovens and range units, and even for a few current age ones here and there, the gas burner of a unit is only able to be ignited and turned on via a pilot light.

As a result, if an oven has a pilot light which is currently blown out or happens to have a defective pilot light assembly, then it's not unlikely for the oven to turn on without actually heating up or really even cook anything.

Therefore, no proper working pilot light mechanism, no working gas burner, and thus, no good, crisp heat.

2. Can A Faulty Oven Be Dangerous?


In several ways, yes. A defective oven can potentially be hazardous if overlooked time and time again.

Erratic oven cooking temperatures can be a very concerning issue for any kitchen space, especially if you're experiencing heat levels beyond your scope of reasonable control.

Add into the mix the possibility of a gas unit having a leak and you can really have a unit that's just an accident waiting to happen.

And who could overlook the potential of having excessively charred food that can come about as a result of excessive temperatures time after time.

Such a type of sustenance is not only unappetizing but has even been linked to being Carcinogenic (cancer causing) as well!

3. Why Are Ovens Worth The Repair?


Unlike a $30 blender or a $20 automated wine corkscrew, a standard kitchen oven or range is easily the most used and valuable appliance in the room in terms of your kitchen.

Even regular, more budget-friendly units still tend to teeter around the $330-450 or so, and that's a lot for a home appliance.

While repairs may not be immediately necessary for every appliance, they certainly shouldn't be ignored when it comes to your oven.

Choosing to have your oven repaired sooner versus later will save you from having to worry about anything else excessive going awry with the unit.

Since nearly every part is connected to each other, if one portion of the heating cycle is out of whack, then the odds are that, sooner or later, another portion of the unit will be as well soon.

Don't take

4. What Makes Us Great At Oven Repairs?


We've been repairing ovens for over 15+ Years now!

1,000's of units have been repaired by our very own hands, and we've seen all there is to see from the rare to the wacky.

Whether it's a small, simple repair all the way up to a total emergency overhaul, we've done it all.

We're amazing at what we do, and we're confident that You'll Be Amazed as well!

Additionally, we're even able to Price Match our Competitors!

So long as the other competing repair company's quote is in writing and for the same type of repair and/or part in regards to your freezer, we'll be able to match their price for you.

5. How Soon Can We Repair Your Oven?


We strive to provide Same-Day Repairs for those spur-of-the-moment issues that can come out of nowhere and need to be addressed fast.

As soon as you give us a call, we'll set up an appointment time that works best around your schedule and come out to resolve your problems ASAP.

And in addition to providing top-notch Oven repair services, we're also great at performing other appliance repairs, replacements, and installations on other major home appliances and units such as:

- Dishwashers

- Freezers

- Washers

- Dryers

- Refrigerators

- Ice Makers

- And so on.

Odds are that if there's a home appliance that's giving you some trouble, We're Able To Help!