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Why Do You Need Appliance Repair?

  • The Washing Machine Needs Repair
  • Is Your Oven Not Working & You Can't Cook Food?
  • Is Your Refrigerator Not Working?
  • Do You Need Your Freezer Repaired
  • Can We Repair Your Dryer?

When Appliances Break Down

They Make Modern Life Very Frustrating!

We Can Repair Your Appliance!

We Can Repair Your Appliance On Staten Island!

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Who Will You Talk To When You Call?

When you call, you will talk with the owner of TJs Appliance Repair, Tommy!

He will likely send out George (in the picture) to repair your Staten Island appliance.

Tommy will also walk you through all the next steps.

3 Reasons Why We're The Right Choice

1st: We have been in business since 2003.

2nd: We have repaired some 50,000 appliances!

3rd: We deliver top-notch service to our customers every day!


What You Get Using TJs Appliance Repair:

1. We'll Come To You. You Won't Drag Your Appliance To Us!

2. We Are Local, We Are Also Responsive & Fast!

3. Plus, You Will Help Support The Local Economy!

4. When Repairs Are OK'd, Your Service Call Is Free

5. You'll Have Unbeatable Customer Service.

6. We Treat You Fairly, With Courtesy & Respect

You Want Quality Service, Right?

Here Are Recent Appliances We've Repaired Around The Island

Shouldn't you expect great service from us, or anybody who repairs your appliances? We think so, too.
To show you the different types of repairs we do, as well as the quality of the repairs we perform, we send our techs out and sometimes have them take pictures or even video of the repairs they do.

We Think You'll Be Pleased With Our Service!

Gas Cooktop Repair Staten Island, NY

Brief Explanation:

A customer local to the Staten Island area called us regarding an issue which required a gas cooktop repair.

We’re the most professional, convenient kitchen appliance repair service in the area.

Dryer Pulley Repair Staten Island, NY

Brief Explanation:

We recently helped out a local customer by repairing her dryer pulley which was withing her Kenmore clothing dryer unit.

Do you know why an idler pulley is so important when it comes to the everyday operations of your dryer?

Kenmore Dryer Repair Staten Island, NY

Brief Explanation:

We helped out a local customer by repairing their Kenmore dryer which kept giving them several issues.

We’re able to work on nearly every make and model of dryer, so you can rest easy knowing we have the know-how to get your appliance up and running once again.

Don't Take Our Word For It Alone

Our Customers Love TJs Appliance Repair in Staten Island!

Sharon A.

Staten Island, NY

Date: Oct 6, 2020
Very often the most stressful part of an appliance repair is the time you wait for an estimate and part and arranging time off work to have the work done. So far I have had two appliances successfully repaired by Sean, both times he was efficient, professional, honest, and worked around my schedule. I am so appreciative. Thank you TJ's Appliance. :)

Richard Dun

Staten Island, NY

Date: Aug 24, 2020
Called them for my washing machine which they diagnosed quickly and suggested buying a replacement rather than making the repair as the cost would be comparable. A few weeks later I called them again this time for a fridge in a rental property. They made a quick diagnosis, ordered the parted, and came back and made the repair within 48 hours. My tenant said it was still leaking TJ appliance repair made the follow-up appointment to investigate. They squeezed me into their schedule at the end of the day arriving after 9 pm to follow up. The fridge was not leaking TJ appliance repair worked. I am extremely happy with the service.


Staten Island, NY

Date: Jul 15, 2020
This was the second place I called for my fridge. The first charged me about $450 over two visits and did not fix the problem. TJ's came out for a reasonable "service fee" and assessed the problem as being fairly significant, another few hundred dollars, at least, with no guarantees and likely more trouble down the line. The repairmen suggested I replace the fridge rather than risk an expensive road to repair. Gained my trust. Will use again in the future.

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TJs Appliance Repair

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What Is The Cost Of An Appliance Repair?

When you get your appliance serviced, you'll need to consider a few things. For instance, here is a small list of the different brands we service:


There are scores of brands more, like Kitchenaid, Speed Queen and others that we srevice, too. Plus there are several types of major appliances we service: refrigerators, ovens, stove tops, washing machines and dryers.

There are also freezers, ice-makers, wine coolers and don't get me started on all the other appliance repairs we do!

appliance repair appliances

There are also thousands of parts, and that's a lot of combinations. We haven't even determined how much time it takes for an appliance repair technician to repair one brand of refrigerator versus another, for instance.

What I'm trying to say is that we perform a diagnostic service on every appliance we repair to determine the required repair. That service fee is waived when you get a repair, but the diagnostic service will help you determine the viability of a repair.

Or figure out if you just need a new appliance!

Let's Get You In As Fast As Possible

Call Today To Be A Priority Customer!

Doesn't It Make Sense...

#1: To use a company that is local and close to you?

Of course!

#2: To use a company that has repaired 1,000s of appliances before trying to repair yours.


#3: Use a company that is insured.


You have nothing to lose except for your appliance repair problem that we will fix.

TJ Is Your Appliance Repair Expert

You Can Talk To Him Right Away or Text or Email

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Text Us: (347) 983-6581

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TJs Appliance Repair

Staten Island, NY


We are especially good at dryer repair. In fact, we've repaired more dryers than anyone else on Staten Island, as far as we can tell.

We repair all sorts of appliances, though


1. Should I Repair An Appliance...Or Replace It?


This is the eternal question, isn't it?

When you replace an appliance, you have to know what value it has left, or if a repair can make your appliance last a lot longer. For instance, we were replacing a drum in a dryer.

It cost a good chunk of money, but that dryer should last another 10 years!

We have a diagnostic service that we do which will help you determine if a replacement or a repair will be more economically feasible.

2. Does TJs Appliance Repair Price Match?


Yes, we will.

The small print: The other appliance repair company's quote must be written and they must be quoting for the exact repair and part.

3. Do You Sell Parts Only?


We will sell you a part, but only if we can also install it and charge the fee.

Let me explain why.

We maintain some parts on hand because we know that they are common things that break down. If I sold them, then I wouldn't have that part ready for the next client who needed it and would be willing to pay for the repair, too.

4. Can You Really Be Here Today?



We know how frustrating it is when you have a broken appliance so we try our hardest to be the best choice to get your life back to normal quickly.

So, we will always strive to make sure we can repair your appliance on the same day you call in for the repair.

5. What Are All The Different Appliances You Repair?


We repair refrigerators.

From high-end Thermador to standard GE refrigerators, we can help. We do not repair mini fridges unless you like paying more for the repair than the fridge is worth.

We fix washing machines

Whether it is leaking or just not working as well as it should, we can fix it!

We are dryer repair pros.

Dryers are our favorite things to repair!

We repair ovens and stoves.

Let's get cookin'!

6. Why Do You Have A Service Charge?


I would love to offer free service calls and estimates. But you know that whole "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?" Well, if I gave free service calls, I'd have to make up the pay for my guys time somewhere else.