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Job Details

Location of Job: Staten Island, NY
When: Apr 26, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Wolf Oven Repair & Control Panel Replacement
call or text Call: (347) 983-6581
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Brief Explanation

What Were We Called For?

A customer came into contact with us in regards to their Wolf oven being on the fritz.

More to the point, it was their control panel which was acting up on them and refusing to work as properly as it should have.

They called to see if we'd be able to help them out with replacing their old control panel for a new one which they'd already purchased.

We were happy to help them out, and since they called us fairly early, >we were able to get out to their locations and provide service to them the very same day.

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Staten Island, NY
Client Testimonial
Our technician was prompt and very knowledgeable. He fixed our dryer in about 5 minutes. And that includes diagnosing the problem. I highly recommend TJ's!! ~ Erin Wade - Staten Island, NY

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1. What Did We Do Here?


The customer already had the new control panel handy, which was convenient for us, but they had no clue as to how to actually go about replacing the control panel. Thus, that's where we come in.

For this specific venture, we first needed to uninstall this Wolf oven as it was actually a wall unit.

These specific types of uninstallations can often be pesky to the inexperienced hand, but since we've done hundreds of similar uninstallations before, everything went fine and dandy.

Luckily, when it came to this particular task, we didn't have to conduct a complete uninstallation as we only needed to access the frontmost part of the oven in order to conduct the replacement.

Once we finished up with the replacement, we put everything back to its original order and fired up to oven briefly to make sure it was all working properly.

This was a very smooth job in that we knew exactly what to do and how best to do it, and our customer couldn't have been more satisfied.

2. Wouldn't It Be Correct To Call This A Stove Too?


No, it would not be. This Wolf is just a plain, ordinary oven. Here's a quick reference for you:

An Oven is a chamber where you place food in to be cooked for a fair period of time. When you bake a cake or cookies, you place them in an Oven.

A Stove, sometimes referred to as a cook-top or a stove top, often has between 4-6 gas or electric burners that are used as direct points of heat contact for pots and pans. When you're making fresh bacon and eggs, you'll likely use a Stove to do so.

3. What's A Range Unit Then?


Specifically, a Rage unit the term used to describe an appliance had has both an Oven AND a Stove integrated into it.

A fair portion of the time, whenever somebody is referring to their Stove or Oven, they're actually referencing their Range unit, since a large majority of households tend to have these units.

But terminology aside, we're still able to provide repairs on individual Stoves, Ovens, and Range units (since they consist of both).

4. What Makes Us The Oven Experts?


We've been repairing oven for over 15+ Years now.

In fact, more than 1,000's of units have been repaired by our very own hands.

We're amazing at what we do, and we believe that You'll Be Amazed too!

As soon as you give us a phone call, we'll be able to add you to our schedule and more likely than not be able to repair your oven on The Same Day You Call Us.

We believe reliable repairs matter, and that they shouldn't take forever and a day to schedule and complete.

5. Can We Price Match Our Competitors Repair Prices?


Yes, we are in fact able to Price Match.

So long as the other competing repair company's quote is in writing and is for the same type of repair/part, we're able to match their price for you.

6. Are Wolf Ovens A Good Brand?


Wolf appliances are actually a subset of the parent brand SubZero-Wolf.

If you happen to be familiar with SubZero fridges and refrigerators, then know that all Wolf appliances are basically the hot equivalent of this sister brand of appliances.

Wolf models come in a wide variety of options including: cooktops, ranges, built-in ovens (such as our customers unit was), modular cooktops, warming drawers, outdoor grills, convection ovens, and even microwaves.

Wolf ovens are often characterized by their sleek, stainless-steel finish, broad opening doors and sturdy door handles, and occasionally their large robust-red temperature adjustment knobs.

While the SubZero-Wolf brand prides itself on providing premier, luxury home appliances for the everyday American, even they can experience the need for a few tweaks and touch-ups here and there.