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Job Details

Location of Job: Staten Island, New York
When: Apr 13, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Bosch Dishwasher Drain Hose Replacement
call or text Call: (347) 983-6581
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Brief Explanation

What Did This Project Entail?

A new customer required some assistance in regards to their Bosch dishwasher leaking water all over their kitchen floor.

We were able to come out to their location at a time that was preferable to them and see what sort of trouble their dishwasher was in.

It was apparent once we pulled the unit out that they had Two Problems on their hands.

The First Problem: their drainer hoses was a total wreck. And that tied directly into the Second Problem: it was a total wreck because it had been chewed through by some mice.

While we aren’t exterminators ourselves, we were able to point them in the right direction as to finding a good, quality service which would help them be rid of any mice in their place and protect them against any future occurrences of the pest as well.

Next, replacing their draining hose was a piece of cake. We briefly shut down the unit, took the old hose off, went and grabbed a new one for the unit real quick, installed the new drain hose, then we turned everything back and their dishwasher was as good as gold.


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Staten Island, NY
Client Testimonial
Our technician was prompt and very knowledgeable. He fixed our dryer in about 5 minutes. And that includes diagnosing the problem. I highly recommend TJ's!! ~ Erin Wade - Staten Island, NY

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1. How Are Mice Such A Nuisance To Home Appliances?


Mold, Mildew, and Mice. The three M’s that every homeowner shudders at. Mold and Mildew are bad but can be reasonably dealt with. But mice are practically on a whole other level.

Mice are a walking nightmare when it comes to the wellbeing of a living space. For one, they love to munch off of food in nearby trashcans and move it around.

This can lead to uneaten food rotting away in hidden crawl space and will only attract more bugs and other unwanted pests as this process repeats itself over and over.

They can also hide and make nests practically anywhere. There was actually one occasion where we found an entire mice nest hiding dormant behind a customer’s dishwasher.

Their nests are made up of whatever they can get their tiny paws on. Cloth, cotton, tissue, paper, anything that they’d like to turn into a little pillow.

The problem with this is that nests can often be highly flammable when placed next to large amounts of wiring or spaces prone to heating up (such as an oven’s pilot light) and thus be a fire hazard not only to their little nest area but potentially to the entire house as well.

What’s more is that mice go to the bathroom wherever they please. This can lead to foul-smelling walls and carpeting and makes it easier for harmful bacteria to grow and spread.

The nest that we found behind our one customer’s dishwasher was completely littered with such matter. Gross!

2. Why Would Mice Eat Through A Drain Hose?


Gnawing is easily the worse side effect of mice when it comes to the specific subject of home appliance though.

Mice, like some other creature, gnaw on different things to help keep their teeth sharp and from growing too large.

Unfortunately for us humans, an easy culprit for this little pastime of there is to gnaw on the wiring and external parts of appliances, often eating through them directly and rendering them useless until fixed.

If you look closely at our Before Picture, you can see the progressive series of bit marks that run along the drain hose.

An inconvenient choice of gnawing work for sure, but thankfully, one that was still quick and easy to fix.

3. How Soon Can We Repair Your Dishwasher?


As soon as you give us a phone call, we'll be able to add you to our schedule and more likely than not be able to repair your stove The Same Day You Call.

We believe that reliable repairs matter, and that they shouldn't take forever and a day to schedule and complete.

4. Do We Price Match Our Competetors


Yes, we are able to Price Match.

So long as the other competing repair company's quote is in writing and for the same type of repair/part, we'll be able to match their price.

5. What Brands Of Dishwashers Do We Work On?


We're able to work on them all.

- Bosch

- Kenmore

- Maytag

- Kitchenaid

- Whirlpool

- GE

- Sub Zero

- Viking

And many, many more.

6. What Makes Us The Experts?


We've been repairing dishwashers for 15+ Years.

1,000's of units have been repaired by our very own hands.

We're amazing at what we do, and we believe that You'll Be Amazed too!

We Guarantee It.