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Location of Job: Staten Island, NY
When: Dec 14, 2020
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Kenmore Dryer Thermistor Repair
call or text Call: (347) 983-6581
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Brief Explanation

What Was Causing The Source Of This Local Customer's Drying Problems?

We helped a local customer who was tired of being endlessly frustrated with their Kenmore dryer which kept giving them issues.

Once we arrived at their home at a time that was most convenient for them, we were soon able to ascertain that the source of their issues was due to the fact that their unit had a faulty dryer thermistor.

This is a relatively small appliance part which controls a variety of features and functions in relation to clothing dryers.

After we replaced the faulty thermistor with a brand new one, our customer was more than ecstatic to finally be able to catch up on their long-delayed piles of laundry.

We're one of the best local services around that's able to provide expert help with Kenmore Dryer Repairs in Staten Island, NY.

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Staten Island, NY
Client Testimonial
Our technician was prompt and very knowledgeable. He fixed our dryer in about 5 minutes. And that includes diagnosing the problem. I highly recommend TJ's!! ~ Erin Wade - Staten Island, NY

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1. Just What Exactly Is A Thermistor?


A thermistor (and yes, it's not supposed to be thermometer) is a type of electrical, heat sensitive resistor that's used in dryers and a few other appliances around the house.

The purpose of this part is to relay electrical messaging to a machine's control board and circuit board.

In relation to dryers, a thermistor helps to regulate the amount of air that's being pumped in and help determine when power needs to be cut to the heating element.

When a dryer thermistor is not properly working, the unit can end up overheating, not shutting off when needed, or potentially fail in drying your clothes overall.

2. What Are The Most Common Dryer Issues Like?


Dryer Won't Even Turn On - A busted built-in-fuse or door switch can cause this occurrence to happen in some cases. Sometimes, a door switch can even be locked or jammed into having the "Off" position always active, which isn't good.

Dryer's Not Heating Up Right - If it's not an accidental setting mixup, it may be an electronic ignition issue. If this occurs, it can be very difficult to resolve without the help of professional appliance repair specialist, such as ourselves.

Dryer's Buring Through Your Clothing - This doesn't happen often, but as soon as someone experiences it once, they aren't eager to give it a go again anytime soon. This could be a combination of a multitude of issues ranging from the rollers, the glides within the dryer or perhaps even the seal of the main drum.

Dryer Won't Tumble - If the main drum of the dryer isn't spinning, it could likely be a broken dryer belt. While such belts aren't expensive, they can be a pain to replace at times since you have the feel and loop the belt around the inner rotary mechanism often without being able to directly see it. Other culprits could be the dryer's motor or the activation switch as well.

3. Is Our Service Excellent At Dryer Repairs?


Yes, we are indeed!

We've been repairing dryers for over 15+ Years now!

1,000's of units have been repaired by our very own hands, and we've seen all there is to see from the rare to the wacky.

Whether it's a small, simple repair all the way up to a total emergency overhaul, we've done it all.

We're amazing at what we do, and we're confident that You'll Be Amazed as well!

4. How Is Our Speed & Pricing Superb?


Once you give us a call, we can schedule an appointment to fix your dryer, which we’re able to do within the same-day in most cases.

We pride ourselves on providing speedy service that satisfies and fits around your schedule.

You have enough things on your to-do list as it is, so don't let a faulty dryer keep the rest of your day from running smoothly any longer.

Also, our prices are always fair and reasonable, and if someone has a price that's better than ours, we're able to price match them.

So long as you have a competitor's price in writing, and for the exact same service and part(s), we'd be more than happy to match theirs.

Once you decide for us to come out and repair your dryer, you'll only have to pay for parts and labor. NO additional servicing or diagnostics fee.